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Radio spectrum

Radio Spectrum is an essential resource for Europe’s growth. Read our Policy Paper on "Spectrum renewal and pricing in Europe". Download here (PDF 2.6MB).



Privacy and data protection

Privacy and data protection are high on the agenda of the European Institutions. Find out more about our view.




Net neutrality

Net neutrality is a key debate in the EU and US. Get our leaflet on this topic.



Studies, papers and articles


The European Institutions often ask stakeholders to have their say. Here you find our responses to public consultations.

Latest positions

Relevant markets consultation (Jan. '13)

Consultation on Transparency (Oct. '12)

Reducing cost of rolling out (July '12)

BEREC report on co-investment (March ’12)

Accessibility Act consultation

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Vodafone regularly publishes studies and papers about the key public policy issues discussed at the European and global level.

Latest studies

Analysis of the Rewheel paper (June ’13)

Impact of MTR in EU (May 2012)

The Internet Economy in UK (Feb. 2012)

Oxera study on co-investment (Nov. 2011)

New thinking on next generation networks (June. 2011)

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Here you can find our articles on EU policies.

Latest articles

EU telecoms regulation in 2020 (R. Feasey, July '12)

E-Inclusion (E. Zafeiratou, Feb. '12)

EU telecoms regulation outlook (R. Feasey, Jan. '12)

Is the Internet a success? (R. Feasey, Dec. '10)


Digital Europe videos

Privacy by design

Privacy, LTE, mobile broadband. Here you find our collection of case studies from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, UK and other countries where mobile broadband revolutionized the life of people. But also a video on privacy in the mobile world.

Digital Europe