Vodafone Instant Network Programme

Vodafone Instant Network Programme

The Vodafone Foundation is committed to providing assistance in the area of disaster relief.  Through the Vodafone Instant Network Programme we aim to deploy Vodafone Volunteers and technology in emergencies to provide free communications and technical support to aid agencies and victims and develop new technologies to support the humanitarian community.  In conjunction with this we continue to support our emergency telecommunications response partners, Telecoms Sans Frontieres and World Food Programme in their work.

For more information on the Vodafone Instant Network programme and other Vodafone Foundation projects go to www.vodafonefoundation.org/m4gplayer

Vodafone Instant Network

Vodafone Instant Network is an ultra-portable GSM network that packs into 3 cases weighing a total of less than 100kg.

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Vodafone Foundation Volunteers

The Vodafone volunteer programme provides Vodafone employees from around the world with specialized training in the area of emergency telecommunications response, including the deployment of Vodafone Instant Network.

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Vodafone Red Alert

Red Alert is an emergency SMS fundraising programme enabling Vodafone Foundations, Vodafone companies and Vodafone customers to respond to emergencies and disasters. 

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Emergency Response Partners

Vodafone Foundation has global partnerships with humanitarian organizations Telecoms Sans Frontieres and the Red Cross and supports the World Food Programme in their work.

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