Our vision

Mobile technology is already a vital tool in people’s lives. Our vision sets out our ambition for mobile services to further improve livelihoods and quality of life, as well as bringing benefits to the organisations we work with.

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Sustainability report

Our annual Sustainability Report addresses the full range of material, economic, environmental and social impacts of the organisation. Read about our approach, performance and progress against our objectives in 2012/13.

Mobilising development

Vodafone’s products and services can help to transform people’s lives and contribute to global sustainable development goals. Read about the areas we are focusing on where we believe we can make the biggest difference.

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Enabling smarter living

Vodafone can help organisations to operate more efficiently by connecting machines to enable smarter energy use. Read about how we also provide the technology we all need to adopt smarter, more flexible ways of working.

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Safe and secure

Vodafone’s products and services help people to access mobile technology and stay safe, while recognising the importance of securing customers’ information and respecting people’s privacy. Read about how we do this.

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News, research and case studies

Read our latest news and find out about our research into the potential for mobile phones to positively impact social, economic and environmental development.

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