Embrace the unknown

With fearlessness and curiosity of spirit, we help discover and foster groundbreaking technology solutions

Welcome to Vodafone xone

Welcome to Vodafone xone

Vodafone xone is our state-of-the-art incubation center for groundbreaking technology solutions. At Vodafone xone, we're dedicated to partnering with start-up companies, entrepreneurs and venture capital firms in Silicon Valley and beyond. In collaboration with talented pioneers, we’re committed to speeding up the process of delivering innovative products and services to Vodafone’s operating companies, partners and customers worldwide.

The heart of innovation

As part of Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies, we’re uniquely positioned to help discover and foster new technology solutions with fearlessness, curiosity and a revolutionary incubation model.

Launched in September 2011 in Silicon Valley, the heart of global innovation, Vodafone xone offers start-ups onsite ventures, development and integration support. Our commitment to nurture and cultivate emerging talent is a fundamental element of our approach.

Vodafone xone is led by Fay Arjomandi. Vodafone xone is part of Vodafone Group R&D, which is headed by Siavash Alamouti, Director of Group R&D and Managing Director of Vodafone Ventures.  Vodafone Group R&D is a part of Vodafone Group Technology, which is led by Steve Pusey, the CTO of Vodafone Group, Chairman of Vodafone Ventures and Vodafone Group Plc board member.